Rosewill R-HAP-01 Electric 4 L Hot Water Dispenser Review


If you are looking for a water heater that offers convenience, durability and affordability then don’t look further. The new Rosewill Hot water dispenser is designed by keeping in view the basic needs of the customers. It has some features that make it a totally versatile product over other type of water heaters available in the market.  


The new Rosewill electric water heater has an ample capacity of 4 liters. This large capacity makes it an ideal water heater that can be used for multiple days with one filling. The new Rosewell water dispenser features 3 different temperature settings that favor instant drink and food.  For additional thermal efficiency and safety purposes, it features micro computerized temperature control framework.

The new Rosewill water dispenser also features a unique two-stage water level feeding system. The 1st stage feeds the low volume water for first 3 seconds. Whereas, the 2nd stage feeds the regular volume of water and runs after the first 3 seconds.    

For more convenience, the water dispenser also features night light indication function. This night light indication system can prove to be very handy at those situations where low or dim light is present. For additional safety purposes, the water dispenser features Hot water spill prevention design, auto-electric pump lock, bottom heater and double dry-boiled protection design.  The 360⁰ rotatable base provides easy access from any direction.

Additional Features of Rosewill R-HAP-01 Electric 4 L Hot Water Dispenser:

  • 2 stage water feed with auto pump
  • Bottom heater
  • Dry-boiled protection
  • Large capacity of 4 Liters
  • Hot water splash prevention design
  • 3 different temperature settings with micro computerized control system
  • Stainless steel inner pot
  • Auto electric pump lock for additional safety purposes
  • Auto Re-boil function
  • Night light indication feature
  • Tin outer shell
  • Power: 700 watts
  • Auto keep warm function
  • Dimensions: 14.58” x 11.42” x 8.46” (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 4.62 Lbs

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Rosewill R-HAP-01 Electric 4 L
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