Eemax SP3512 Tankless Water Heater review


Eamax is a well-known name established since 1988 as a supplier of reliable plumbing solutions. Included in its large line of products are various models of high-quality tankless water heaters.

Different models cater to different requirements for domestic, commercial as well as industrial uses. The Eemax SP3512 model of tankless water heater is designed specifically for single point use. It delivers a smooth supply of heated up water instantly for a comfortable hand wash in chilly weather.

Eemax SP3512 Tankless Water Heater review


More features of Eemax SP3512 Tankless Water Heater are discussed below.

Working Mechanism and Requirements

Featuring Direct Heating Technology, the appliance is capable ofheating up water considerably faster as well as more efficiently when compared to traditional water heating systems.

The heating system is activated when water flow through the inlet turns on the flow switch. As a result, the heating element starts functioning to heat up the incoming water which is then delivered to the users through the outlet.

The water heater is compatible with conventional taps as well as hands-free faucets using sensor technology. The 3.5 KW heating element of the tankless water heater requires an input of 120 Volts.

The minimum flow rate required to turn on the flow switch is only 0.5 gallon per minute. At this flow rate, the appliance is able to bring about a temperature rise of 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overall, the temperature rise is inversely proportional to the water flow rate. In other words, the temperature will be higher if the flow rate is lower. This ensures proper heating up of water without temperature overshoots.

Eemax SP3512 Tankless Water Heater provides hand washing facility in homes, commercial buildings, malls, schools and a number of other public facilities.

Safety Features

This model of tankless water heater by Eemax possesses several useful safety features. These are discussed below.

  • The enclosed flow controlled switch is only activated if a minimum of 0.5 GPM of water is delivered to the appliance. As soon as this flow stops, the switch is turned off and the appliance stops further operation.This does not only lead to an efficient performance but also ensures safety by preventing overheating. Temperature overshoot is prevent by means of a quick cooling process which takes place after the appliance turns off automatically.
  • Unlike storage water heating systems, Eemax SP3512 does not pose any health risks which accompany stored water. This water can be contaminated with bacteria and virus which can lead to skin issues as well as other health problems.
  • The maximum temperature rise produced by the water heater does not exceed beyond 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This prevents scalding which is caused if the temperature of water rises up to 120F.
  • Temperatures higher than 110F also lead to faster mineral deposits as well as corrosion which can damage the longevity and durability of the device. This water heating model has been designed with an inbuilt capability for removing lime deposits and other types of contaminating particles. It ensures that water calcification is prevented.
  • The Water Quality Association, USA has certified Eemax SP3512 water heater as safe.

Installation Requirements

This tankless water heater is very light as well as compact. Installation poses no issues with measurements of 10.75 by 5.25 by 2.875 inches. It can be installed at any location even in limited space areas.

The appliance has been designed for perfect installation under the sink. Being as close to the point of use as possible ensures the optimal results in terms of heating as well as efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Eemax SP3512 Tankless Water Heater model is 99 percent energy efficient as claimed by the US based manufacturers. It is a compact and handy appliance with minimum installation requirements and charges.

The results are desirable in terms of heating capacity. In addition, useful safety features make it the perfect water heating solution.

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